Motomo Decision Agility
Jumps through the
Analysis Hoops for you 

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We know you
have a lot of data...
why not grab
the valuable bits?

Decision Distillation

Herding cats...
or kicking goals
It's your choice

Information Mercenaries

You can pay for
high overhead fees.
But why would you?

Lean & Mean

Taking you places
or is it
just collecting dust?

You're Sitting on a Mine
Mobile Apps Change is Constant 

Ensure the information is in hand wherever it is needed.

Sensor Networks Data Distillation

We boil your data down to the good actionable stuff.

Monitoring and Compliance Sensor Command

Visualize and control data from Land or Sea in real-time

Intelligent Monitoring Never hit empty

Intelligent Analytics predict the trends...and let you know 


Intelligent Analysis and Working Tools

We don't take hammers to screws. We use a screwdriver for those occassions when screws are used instead of nails. Our approach to working software solutions is the same. You may or may not need one. If you do need a software solution, you need that software to work with your data, and give you the information in a way that you can trust to act on.

about us

We are a very small group of technical experts. We create web, mobile, and tablet integrated applications for just about any use case (e.g. no 'hook up' apps please). We have an extensive network of domain experts, whom you do not pay for, unless we call them in for a specific task. We keep costs low, and delivery fast with the highest possible quality of delivery. Others talk very well. We deliver. If you want it delivered, call us.


Why we exist

Between us we have many years of experience in each of our areas of expertise. We founded the company with the belief in working smart while leaving the machinations of managers with not enough to do behind us.

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What We Do

We don't waste time. We get to the crux of the issues of efficiencies and optimization straight away. Then we plan an implementation and budget with you, document the solution, and deliver a tangible result. If it does not save you time or money, then it is not worth doing.

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Mobile Data Solutions

Technology is nothing. What's important is that you have a faith in people, that they're basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they'll do wonderful things with them.

Steve Jobs, Apple

The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past.

tim berners-Lee,  inventor of the world wide web

The Correct Information is Power

See how Rapid Application Integration saves you money
We know our respective fields very well. We know the histories, the proposed future, and the realities.

We know that we aren't the biggest brand, and we don't plan to be. You will speak with the domain expert directly, without any need to call across the country or the globe. We're right here for your needs. If you need lots of bodies and no solutions, then we aren't the people for you.

542cc100ed30ec84512ef3e6_s-1.png Strength & Fortitude 

You want honest answers  and tangible improvement.

542cbfbbaf9e5c4227c9cf25_s1.png We know the Tricks

And we when to use them
and when not to use them.

542cbfcaed30ec84512ef3d6_s3.png Engineering Experience

We know how things are built
and how to maintain them.

542cbcbae785314127dcc979_s4.png Environmentally Conscious

We can calculate your C02
and show you to reduce it. 

542cc140af9e5c4227c9cf3d_s5.png Stop It 

Please don't throw good money after bad ideas.

542cc020af9e5c4227c9cf30_s6.png When to Increase Production

How to optimize delivery.
The path to a brighter tomorrow

542cbfe4af9e5c4227c9cf2a_s7.png Yes, We Have Clouds

Private Clouds, Public Clouds, Software as a Service, and Internal deployments.

542cc06eed30ec84512ef3e2_s8.png Tangible Results

Don't pay for disposable reports.
We'll give you valuable data. 

We said we were here for ideas, whatever they may be...

We Know the Tech

And we stay on top of the newest developments in our respective fields. We're not here to reinvent the wheels. We're here to make those wheels roll really well with less friction and more efficiency.

Let's work together.

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